DCON Registration

Online registration is now open. To register, click here.

Deadline to register is Wednesday, March 20, 2019.

  • Registration
    The registration cost is $150 per attendee (member, advisor, parent, Kiwanian, etc.). This cost includes a DCON t-shirt, the Keynote Speaker, two meals (dinner on Saturday; brunch on Sunday), a Key Club swag bag and souvenirs, workshop materials, convention mobile app, plus much more!
  • Rooming Options
    Quad: $66
    Triple: $88
    Double: $132
    Single: $264
    For example, an attendee choosing the quad rooming option will pay a total of $216 ($66 + $150).
  • Bus Transportation
    For those traveling from south Alabama, there will be a charter bus leaving from Mobile at a cost of $45 per person.
  • Required Paperwork
    To attend the District Convention, you are required to complete a medical release form. That form can be found by clicking here.
  • Convention Agenda
    For the convention agenda, click here.
  • Convention Dresscode
    Click here to view this lesson
    about DCON Dress Code.
  • Advisor Tools
    Click here for DCON Helpful Hints & Reminders.
    Click here for Fundraising Documentation.

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