Dues Payment

International Membership Update Center

Guide to Paying Dues

Dues Breakdown:     

           $7.00 for International Memberships Dues

           $7.00 for District Membership Dues 

           $----- Club Memebership Dues- amount determined  by each club 

International and District dues ($14/member) are submitting to International by Decemeber 1 of each year.


Advisors may log into the Membershipp Update Center www.keyclub.org and update their members' information

-To receive an Early Brid Patch dues must be paid on or before November 1st

-After December 1st dues are past due 


- Log into www.keyclub.org

- click on "Dues and Reports" in the top right hand corner, select the  "Memebrship Update Center" and it will take you to the login page

- Using your (the advisor's) email, log into the Membership Update Center. After you're logged in, update (add: freshman; remove graduated seniors) information for all members

- Once the online form is comepletely filled out and updates, print it out and mail it (along with dues money) to the Key club International Office using the instructions printed from the update center

Uh Oh!!! 

- Clubs that have not paid dues by Febuary 1st will be placed on "Suspended" status.

- Clubs that are on the "Suspended" status and remain so as of September of the following dues year will be placed on the "INACT" status

- Clubs on the "INACT" status may be reinstated if they pay dues for the current year, plus $100 reactivation fee

- Clubs that remain on the "INACT" status for two years may have their charter revoked by International